Version Checker

Below you will find all the scripts that we develop and what version they are on. This version checker system is used in all our scripts to make sure your version of our script is the most up-to-date as possible.

Script Name Script Code Latest Version Date Released
HTTP Video Stream Module VS 4.53 2007-02-21
File Uploader Module FU 3.81 2007-10-24
Multi Server Checker to PHPNuke Module MSC 2.5 2006-06-03
BF2 Stats to PHPNuke Module BFS 2.12 2006-05-03
PHP-Nuke Activate NA 3.0 2006-06-19


Get code

If you would like to run a version checker of one of our scripts on a separate page instead of the script admin then here you can get the code.The code provided is handy to put on any page. May it be on you homepage, on a version checker page you’ve made or simply add it to one of our scripts so you can check more often if your version is out of date.