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Steezmatic – Designs’ Comment Box

Please read these questions and answers so that you understand what the comment box is and what it offers to you.

What is it? – This comment box is a way for users of your site to send you comments to give you feedback on your site. This comment box is to be used on sites that only support HTML e.g. free sites like piczo and geocities.

How does it work? – You sign up on our site and enter your details. Then the html is shown to you to be placed directly onto your site wherever you want it to be. Once on your site, a user can post a comment. When a user posts it, the information gets sent to our servers and then is processed on our site. The comment is then stored on our server ready for you to login and check your comments.

How do I get this comment box? – Simply click sign up at the bottom of this page and get on your way to get this comment box on your site!

What are the limits? – When you register your code will be locked so that only 100 characters can be sent from the comment box. You will only be allowed to receive 100 comments from this system, when you run out the email and username you registered with will then be locked until you unlock your comment box.

What features do I get when I unlock my comment box? – Your users will be allowed to send unlimited characters from the comment box. You will be allowed to receive unlimited comments to your inbox. Instead of your user seeing our pre made messages you can redirect your user back to your site to where you can give he/she your own message, or you can use our address but edit what is said to your user.

How do I unlock the comment box? – There is a small payment to pay that is payable by PayPal. When logged in click the “unlock the commen box” link. There you will be shown to pay buttons. Click ither one and follow the instructions to pay. As soon as you have paid the comment box will be unlocked instantly.

How much does it cost for an activation key? – It is £1.00/$1.75 for a years activation code.

Do I have to purchase a activation key? – Absolutely not. If you are happy with the limits of the free version then you don’t need to buy an activation key.