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Latest Forum Posts

Forum/TopicRepliesAuthorViewsLast Post
The Help Desk
HTTP Video Stream Module
1cgarlick28Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:53 pm
The Help Desk
Upload limit per user in videostream?
1Vista_the_Unstable158Sun Aug 17, 2008 4:50 pm
The Help Desk
Need help center block...
0FreeMen155Sun Aug 17, 2008 7:50 am
The Help Desk
Problem install Video Stream
4Forrest272Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:11 pm
Ideas and Requests
Speedtest.net module
7Upon11788Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:55 pm
The Help Desk
video stream block video
0voglioilmondo187Wed Aug 13, 2008 10:42 pm
Layout Changes
Video_Stream language
0rahul280Sun Aug 3, 2008 12:22 pm
Ideas and Requests
HTTP Video Stream Module V5.0 now in progress
50Brady11191Sat Aug 2, 2008 4:09 pm

Work Board

Project Name Site Tasks Reports Requests Status Progress
BF2_Stats V2.11 Nuke Version 0 ---- ---- Released
BF2_Stats V2.12 Nuke Version 0 ---- ---- Released
File Uploader V3.8 8 ---- 1 Released
File Uploader V4.0 4 ---- 2 Active
HTTP Video Stream V4.5 10 ---- 5 Released
HTTP Video Stream V5.0 12 ---- 12 Inactive
www.website-codes.com 0 ---- ---- Inactive
PHP-Nuke Activate 0 ---- 1 Released

PHP-Nuke Speed Test Mini Module V1.1 Released (1316 reads)

Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you all but I have updated the download with the changes that speedtest.net made to their speed checker. Any problems with the new release then please post them in the forum. Thank you

Posted by Brady on Monday, January 21 @ 17:20:52 GMT (Read More... | Score: 0)

PHP-Nuke Speed Test Mini Module V1.0 (1160 reads)

We have released a Speed Test module for PHP-Nuke. It uses the Speed Test Mini program from SpeedTest.net. This module lets your visitors test their upload and download speed to and from your site. It's a very basic module but we are looking to add some improvements in the future. All ideas are welcome!

Posted by Brady on Thursday, October 18 @ 18:27:46 BST (Read More... | 144 comments | Score: 0)

PHP-Nuke File Uploader Module Version 3.8 Released (1415 reads)

Well I bet you all thought that this update would never come out. Well I finally got some time to finish off the last bits and get it all packed up ready for distribution. So what’s new in this version I hear you ask? As always we have an improved GUI including some usage bars, which measure your usage of your quota and a popup window to tell users that their file(s) are uploading so that they can see something is happening. Also we have added the capability of users being able to upload more files at once, up to 10 files at a time. Users can choose to zip their files automatically after upload so that their files are compressed and save space. Both the multiple uploads and zip functionality can be configured by the admin such as enable/disable and force a setting on the user.

Screenshots of the module can be found here http://www.steezmatic-designs.com/modules.php?name=ScreenShots&folder=File_Uploader/ at our new screen shot module. This gives you a look at the module and admin areas so that you get a feel of it. As always you are welcome to test the uploader on this site.

Posted by Brady on Thursday, October 11 @ 00:00:00 BST (Read More... | 134 comments | Score: 0)

PHP-Nuke File Uploader V3.5 in Beta Testing (5564 reads)

We have now released PHP-Nuke File Uploader V3.5 for beta testing. We are still looking for more beta testers and if you would like to become one then follow these instructions:

Email your name, username, a valid email address and your website url to technical (at) brandohost (dot) com. Once again we only want serious beta testers that will test all areas of the file uploader module.

The new version has fixed the problem of the file manager not showing Guest uploads, there is a new admin layout and also the upload logs are now held in the database instead of the log.txt file. Doing this allows only admins to see the logs and not the public.

Posted by Brady on Tuesday, October 17 @ 20:07:22 BST (Read More... | 555 comments | Score: 5)

PHP-Nuke HTTP Video Stream Module V4.2 Now Out! (1950 reads)

After the module being under heavy beta testing the module is now available to the public. Pop over to the downloads section to get your copy now. The module is still the great product as before but better. The new module has now got an admin coment moderation system, play videos in popups, subcategory system and much more. I have more ideas for a next version so check out the work board soon to see what I have planned.

Posted by Brady on Wednesday, September 13 @ 16:42:11 BST (Read More... | 125 comments | Score: 0)

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